Wisenet Wave -Adding Devices Manually

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Wisenet Wave -Adding Devices Manually

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If a device is not accessible via broadcast, for instance if is located in a different network or can only be accessed via internet, it will not be discovered automatically. In this case Wisenet WAVE provides an ability to add a device manually. It is also possible to add several devices simultaneously by scanning a range of IP addresses. Wisenet WAVE also allows adding devices by IP Address, Host Name, or generic RTSP/HTTP link (advanced). See “Adding Multicast, RTSP or HTTP Streams as Cameras“.

 Note: For Axis cameras only, if the “People Counter” function is enabled neither automatic or manual discovery will work in Wisenet WAVE software.

To add one or more devices

1.Right-click on the server in Resource Tree to open its context menu.

2.Choose Add Device(s).

3.In the dialog that opens (shown below), choose one of the following:

•To add a single device: enter either the IP address, Host Name the device can be resolved on, or an RTSP link for the device in the Device Address field. Hover the mouse cursor over this field to see some syntax examples.

•To add several devices at once: check the Subnet Scan box and enter the desired Start IP and End IP values. (By default, addresses 0-255 of the same subnet are suggested so the entire specified network will be scanned.)

Adding RTSP or HTTP Streams as Cameras (Admin Only) - 2

4.If the device requires, specify authentication parameters in the Login and Password fields.

Some devices may be discovered without specifying credentials, but often it is necessary to specify at least the default login and password.

Other devices may not require credentials for discovery but will require credentials when they are accessed for the first time. In this case, they will be displayed in the Resource Tree, but you will be prompted to enter credentials in order to view streams from these devices.

5. If needed, specify a Discovery Port. The default Auto setting is recommended. Most devices are discovered on port 80.

6.Press Scan to initiate the search. This can take some time, especially when an IP range is being scanned.

7.If devices are not located, you can click New Scan to return to the Add devices dialog. If devices are located they will be displayed in IP address order.

Adding Cameras Manually - 3

If a device is already registered, whether manually or automatically, it will display in the list but cannot be selected for addition. “All devices already added” message appears in this case.

8. Select the desired devices and click Add selected. The selected device will be added to Resource Tree.