Why does the NVR show NO resource?

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Why does the NVR show NO resource?

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When the NVR display 4-window,6-window/8-window, the biggest window uses the main stream,

“No Resource” refers to the decoding resources of current device are not sufficient to preview the current resolution of all channels, including Single screen and Multi- screen;

1)     Please double-click the video without resource to make sure Single Screen preview is normal or not. If so, please go to Menu >Record > Parameters > Sub-stream Parameters and set Resolution to 352*288 and Bitrate to 512kbps;

2)    If it prompts “No Resource” in Single Screen Preview, probably it’s because your NVR is not compatible with such high-definition cameras. Please go to Main Menu >Record > Parameters >Record Parameters and lower the limits of resolution and Bitrate. If it prompts “This Channel not be Supported” when clicking on the interface, please access to device’s IP address through IE and lower the limits of resolution and Bitrate of main stream.