Perimeter protection with camera and laser.

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Perimeter protection with camera and laser.

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Skydda mot cyberattacker!
Skydda mot cyberattacker!

Dataintrång sker över hela världen, vilket gör fysiska säkerhetssystem sårbara för en attack. Uppdatering av system med den allra senaste firmware är ett effektivt sätt att förhindra att utrustning blir utsatt för en cyberattack. Firmware kan innehålla både funktionsförbättringar och viktiga säkerhetsuppdateringar. Vi kommer alltid att kräva att installatörer följer säkerhetsriktlinjerna för tillverkaren för att […]

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Cameras combined with external sensors

D-TECT Compact 4-layer (class1) laser sensors from the GJD500 series with a detection range of up to 25×25 meters (GJD500). The unit creates a virtual curtain with 2 alarm zones. The D-TECT laser is programmable down to 10 cm and works with the highest precision level for accurate and reliable intrusion detection. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically both indoors or outdoors. This can be combined with PTZ cameras that can pan and zoom in to the pre-programmed alarm zone.

GJD500 can be connected to IPAnything (IPA GJD516) I / O controller designed for IP monitoring system. IPA is a simple but powerful input / output controller designed to convert all types of analog sensors to an IP system, or vice versa. IPAnything is built in a compact and waterproof enclosure. It is equipped with a 12V / 24V DC socket to power the sensor’s four alarm inputs, three relay outputs and an analog input, which ensures that IPAnything can really handle all types of equipment.

Supported VMS software
AXIS, Milestone, Genetic, Mirasys, Wavestore, Network Optix / Wisenet Wave, Bosch, SeeTec, Concept Pro, Embsec, QNAP, Griffid, Kentima, Qulu, M2M VX Pro, Hikvision

Supported cameras for direct control
AXIS, Hikvision, Dahua, Sony, Ernitec, Bosch, Mobotix

An alternative for longer distances is GJD515 which emits invisible infrared laser pulses from the sensor at 400 Hz. If an object is displayed in the field of view, it will generate reflections; which the sensor detects up to 500 meters. IP connection with POE and very low power (4W). The sensor analyzes the reflected light and calculates the location of an object with high accuracy. Laser-Watch can detect up to 500m and has up to 20 independent alarm zones that can be programmed.


  • Perimeter protection and intrusion detection (vertical mounting)
  • Protection of works of art and other valuable objects (vertical mounting)
  • Protection against theft and vandalism (vertical mounting)
  • Ceiling protection (horizontal mounting)

Coverage area GJD500