Mirasys VMS system components

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Mirasys VMS system components

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Mirasys VMS System is a distributed, PC-based digital video management system (VMS) for video andaudiosurveillancesolutionsbasedontheMirasysVMSEnterprisesoftware products.The system can be run on a standard Microsoft Windows PC/server platformand data can betransferred over a TCP/IP network.

Along withIP and analogue cameras, the system supports the recording and playback of audio devices, text data, video analytics and metadata, as well as numerous other devices that can be controlledor integratedvia digital I/O, TCP/IP andSerial connections.

The system includes various tools and userconfigurationapplications for system management and performancemonitoring as well as highly functional easy end uservirtualmatrix,video view/review and export applicationsfor Windows, Android, Apple iOS and Java enabled browser.


MirasysVMS Enterprise is a videosurveillance solution that scales easily to suit the needs of applications of any size. The system supports Master Server partitions of up to 150 recording servers,with thousands of analogueand/or IP cameras in one centrally managed environment.Each recording server supports up to 128 cameras per server instance depending on bandwidth, storage and performance requirementsand all cameras can be managed, monitored and viewed remotely aspart ofa single centralisedsystem independent oflocation.Using multiple Master Server partitions, thousands of servers and hundreds of thousands of cameras can be clustered together.


(iVMS)Mirasys VMS Enterprise can be extended with intelligent Video Content Analytics (VCA), Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solutions and other options.Due to its openarchitecture, it is easy to integrate Mirasys VMS Enterprise systems with other systems such as access control, fire alarms, network management, enterprise resource planning, point of sales, etc.


The digital video management system can include the following components:


  • Spotter for Windows –End user clientapplication
  • System Manager –System managementclient
  • WebClient –Browser-basedclient
  • Spotter Mobile –Mobile client application for Android and AppleIOS
  • Servers (by default up to 150 per one Master Serverpartition)


  • System ManagementServer
  • System Monitoring Service(Watchdog)
  • Gateway / Web Server (for mobile and web client application access, andintegrations)
  • Display Servers and Operator Consoles (for AVM, Agile VideoMatrix)

Aswell as Application programming interfaces (APIs) for integration with othersystemsCommunication between the system components takes place over a TCP/IP network.


is possible to configure the architecture or Mirasys Enterprise VMS in many different and complex designs depending on requirements. This can include highly-secured systems, using a variety of access andend user application mechanisms.