Hur återställer jag en Hikvision kamera?

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Hur återställer jag en Hikvision kamera?

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Firstly, has your camera got a pushbutton for resetting it?
It’s a pretty reliable rule of thumb that if your camera has a memory card slot it will also have a reset pushbutton (often located adjacent to the card slot).

In HikVision’s naming nomenclature an ’F’ in the product code denotes ’F for Flash’ meaning it can accept a memory card.
A few cameras in the previous R6 Family range have it.
All cameras in the current G1 Family / EasyIP 3.0 have card slots and pushbutton reset.

To reset your camera back to factory defaults:

  1. Disconnect the power supply.
  2. Press and hold the reset button.
  3. Keep holding the reset button and restore the power supply.
  4. Continue to hold the reset button for a further 10 seconds.
  5. Release the button and allow the camera to complete a restart/reboot.

When you check the camera in SADP after resetting it should show as ’inactive’ and will require you to start afresh.
The first thing you’ll be required to do in SADP is set a password.
All settings will be reset by a pushbutton reset, so you will need to re-configure the camera’s IP address, network settings, time, OSD, etc.

We would recommend that you also check for and update to the latest available firmware for your camera model:

To reset your Hikvision camera back to the ’as new’ factory default settings, please follow these five steps:

Step 1 – Log into your camera using a browser (Internet Explorer is still the preferred browser)
Step 2 – Navigate to Configuration -> Maintenance
Step 3 – Click on the Default button:

Reset a Hikvision camera to factory defaults 1-12-18.png

Step 4 – You will be asked to confirm your selection, and warned that the camera will reboot.
NB – All settings will be reset AND the camera will be inactive.


Step 5 – After resetting your camera you will be able to start afresh, as when the camera was new. You can use Hikvision’s SADP tool to activate your camera and set its IP address and password etc. (normally the route you would take if you are adding the camera to your LAN). If you are adding the camera to a Hikvision NVR, then you should be able to plug it into an available camera port and the ’plug-and-play’ feature should add it for you.