How to use remote access

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How to use remote access

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On customer side:

1. Double-click the ADI Remote Access

2. It will then start a Terminal window asking for the [Sudo] password for cctv user.

If the customer not have changed it, it is Wave.

If the customer has change it then its the cctv users password.

3. After you have typed in the password and enter. It will extract and install Dwservice agent it takes 5sec. It will now open Dwagent window with license info and security info. In the bottom you can 3 different method.



°I do not Accept

4. Say to the customer to pick run and click the next button.

5. Now it will say that a session is active

We can now go to

and get the user name and password from the customer so we can connect to the recorder.


User: 5269

Password: 867-127-194-32

the session will be active until the customer close the dwagent window.

Finished! /Jimmy /ADI Sweden

Teamviewer as alternative

I have also put in the installation file for Teamviewer 14 and its stored under the download folder on the recorder. Just start it and follow the installation. After you have installed it you need start teamviewer program and under settings set it to start on OS start-up.