How to update the camera firmware

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How to update the camera firmware

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To update the camera firmware:

  1. Download the latest firmware
  2. Upload the latest firmware to the camera
  3. Update the MxBus modules

Download the latest firmware

You can download the current MOBOTIX camera firmware from the MOBOTIX website free of charge. For this, you need a computer (Windows, Apple or Linux system) with an Internet connection. Proceed as follows:

Step 1. Open 22 and then go to Support > Download Center > Software Downloads

Step 2. From the list select the firmware matching the camera’s hardware. x6 models belong to the Mx6-Hardware and x4 and x5 to the P3 (PXA320)-Hardware.

Step 3. Click on Details and verify that the firmware belongs to the camera model.
firmware1.png1980×718 88.2 KB

Step 4. Scroll down to get the links. If you click on the Release Notes you will get information about Bug Fixes and New Features
firmware2.png2048×910 56.8 KB

Step 5. Verify if there are new firmware versions for the MxBus modules. This information can be found on top of the Release Notes. firmware3.png1972×759 116 KB

In this case the firmware versions of the three door station modules have been changed, therefore the MxBus modules must be updated too.

Step 6. Proceed to Download the MPL or ZIP version of the firmware. The MPL file will be accepted by the camera , the ZIP version must be extracted as it contains the MPL file.

Step 7. Input your details , Agree to the data protection notice and the terms of use for MOBOTIX Software and click on Submit. imagen.png1454×1278 97.6 KB

The download will start imagen.png796×168 38 KB

Upload the latest firmware to the camera

In order to be able to perform this step, you need the current IP address of the camera or Door Station, as well as the access data; in other words, you require administrator privileges.

Cameras operated in standalone mode without being connected to a network can be accessed via their factory IP address (see the sticker on the back of the camera).

Now enter the IP address of the camera into the address bar of your web browser. Next, enter your user credentials, by default, user is admin and password is meinsm.

Then follow these steps:

Step 1. Access the camera web interface and click on Admin menu. firmware4.png1650×1398 643 KB

Step 2. Click on Update System Software. firmware5.png1412×1202 193 KB

Step 3. Click on Choose File and select the downloaded file: MX_system_4_4273.mpl

Step 4. Click on Start Software Update. A new screen displays the progress of the loading procedure.

Step 5. As soon as the procedure ends click Reboot and then Reboot Now.

Note. If there are additional firmware updates for any connected MxBus modules, you will receive a corresponding text message directly in the camera’s live image (“MxBus Module: Software Update is available“).


Update the MxBus modules’ firmware

Step 1. Access the camera web interface and click on Admin menu.

Step 2. Click on Manage MxBus Modules.

Step 3. The Devices section lists all MxBus modules connected to the camera. The Module Software Upgrade button is enabled when there is a firmware update. If there are updates for multiple modules, you must perform the update for each module one at a time.


Note 1. A pop up will inform you that it’s recommended to perform a backup of the module settings before proceeding with the software update. If the module is at factory condition or if you already have performed a backup of the configuration you can press OK.


Note 2. The update procedure can take up to several minutes and it shouldn’t be interrupted.

Step 4. After you have updated all MxBus modules, click Set and then Close. The firmware of your system is now fully up-to-date.