How to set the motion detection recording on the recorder?

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How to set the motion detection recording on the recorder?

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Settings of motion detection can be divided into two parts: a. Set the record schedule to motion detection; b. Configure the alarm of motion detection. The details are as follows:

1, Right-click on the monitor connected to the recorder and go to Start Recording >Motion Detection Record>Turn on All Channels >Yes or go to Main Menu>Record>Schedule> Record, set schedule to the Motion recording and copy the settings to the entire week and other channels in the same method.

2, Go to Main Menu > Camera >Motion Detection, cilck “Enable Motion Detection” and use mouse to draw detection areas (deployment succeed if grids on the video) and drag the sensitivity (higher value represents more sensitive).

3, Go to Settings > Trigger Channel, select recording channels which need to be triggered. Normally, Channel 1 only needs to trigger Channel 1 and then apply after configuration.

4, Go to Settings> Arming Schedule, select the time to trigger or the time period, if not set, the default is 24 hours a day trigger.

Note: Arming time is not the time that the recording is triggered, but the time that the processing method triggers. Motion detection of Channel 1 is set after the application, and then click “copy” to copy this setting to other channels to complete the motion detection configuration.