HIK-Connect ports and config

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HIK-Connect ports and config

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What ports need to be open for Hikvision? You will need to open up the following ports :

  • HTTP Port = 80.
  • Server Port = 8000.
  • RTSP Port = 554.
  • HTTPS Port = 443.


Step 1

The first process to complete is the port forwarding on the local router at the NVR/DVR side.
•Log into the router and port forward ports 80,8000,554 as standard.
•These can be changed if needed but use the new ports if you decide to change them.
•You can find some router specific help at https://portforward.com/router

Step 2

Once the port forwarding is complete –

•Log into the DVR/NVR web address locally and enable the platform access. You can also set the verification code in this menu ready for later steps.

Step 3

To start, log into an existing HIK-Connect account or register a new account.•Use the link www.hik-connect.comwhere you will be able to follow the process to register an account.

Step 4

Once you have logged into the HIK connect portal , you will see any devices added already

Step 5

To add new device please select the “add” button.

Step 6

You will then be prompted to input a 9 digit serial code, that can be found on a sticker on the DVR/NVR or on the box it came in, then click Search

Step 7

You will then see the device listed -•Make sure the correct device is listed•Then select the + add button to add this to your HIK connect account.

Step 8Now you will be prompted to set the Verification code, set in the first steps of enabling HIK connect on the DVR/NVR locally. For example ABCDEF.

Step 9

Once the verification code has been applied and you have selected the ADD option, you will then see the device in the list

Step 10

In the Edit screen you will be able to set the domain name, we have used DVSsmartnvr. It will only let you save this if it hasn’t been used by someone else. •Select MANUAL for the UPnP option and set the ports to 8000 for the server and 80 for the HTTP, unless changed then click ok

Step 11

You will see this has now saved the domain name, and you can now use www.hik-connect.com/DVSsmartnvr for instance from a web browser to access the Device.

Step 12

You can now also share devices with other users, they will have reduced functionality but have access to the device. •To allow this function, click on shared devices and select share device.

Step 13

If you choose to use the IVMS 4500 app instead of the HIK-connect app, open the IVMS 4500. Then from the main menu-•Select the HIK-connect option •Log into the HIK-connect account with the devices added, you will then see the HIK-connect account logged in.

Step 14

To add a device as the domain name to speed up the images, select devices from the main menu, then select the + add symbol and manual adding option.

Step 15

From this menu you will see the new device tab, give the unit a new Alias and make sure the register mode is set to Hik-connect domain. When you select the device domain line you will be given the list of device(s) to select. Select the appropriate device and its username and password of the device and click the save symbol. You are now setup