AID Traffic monitoring

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AID Traffic monitoring

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Sprinx Traffic AID is an edgebased application that can be installed on all Hanwha Techwin High Definition Wisenet X H.265 cameras.

It is a complete AID solution that enables reliable detection of accidents and incidents in traffic flow on critical infrastructure such as roads, highways, tunnels and intersections.

  • Stopped Vehicle
  • Slowdown & Congestion/Queue
  • Wrong Way Driver
  • Pedestrian
  • Loss of Visibility / Smoke
  • Spilled Cargo
  • Traffic data (vehicle count, average speed, traffic density, etc.)

Sprinks Hub is a software for collecting and aggregating data

GECKO Traffic Hub is a program for collecting and collecting data from multiple network connected cameras running Sprinx Traffic Applications. Through its web-user interface, it provides a quick overview of all traffic events detected by the cameras and provides comprehensive graphs of traffic data such as vehicle count and average speed. The GECKO Traffic Hub includes a PDF export tool for the aggregated events, which is helpful to operators in evaluating the system’s performance.