How to Mount Harddrive in Ubuntu with application Cockpit?

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How to Mount Harddrive in Ubuntu with application Cockpit?

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1. Startmenu click cockpit or open webbrowser and write localhost:9090 [Enter]

2. Login with user cctv and password Wave and click the Reuse my password for privleged tasks

3. Push Storage in menu, at the right side you will see the harddrives that are detected, Shows the one that you want to add as a storage drive.

4. you can press arrow down under content to see more details as below. Push the button Create partition table

5. use this settings and push Format button. All data on the hdd will be erased.

6. after few seconds this apears push create partition button

7. change Mounting to Custom, Then under name write the name of the HDD you want. Under mounting point write /Media/storage1 (or the name that you chose for your hdd.

Click the Mount Option: Mount at boot to make Linux always start the storage drive when the OS starts. Click the button Create Partition

8. Now its complete. The drive will start when you restart the computer and Wave will find it.

You can push the arrow down under content and under filesystem tab you see the name and mounting point. You can push the mount button to mount the drive direct so it will apear in the os.

Close and enjoy.