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When a cameras with a fixed focal length are required, it is extra important to find out the mounting height, distance to the target and the expected resolution (PPM)of objects.
Example and fixed focal length of 2.8-3 mm with full HD gives and good recognition of up to 4 meters.

If you want a good compact outdoor camera, the form factor Turret, Eyeball or Flateye with a better water drainage and the IR light is separated from the lens. You never open this form factor which ensures that you do not get dirt or moisture in the camera body.

Outdoors is a difficult environment for the camera’s motion detection (VMD) as there is a lot of environmental noise such as trees swaying in the wind, shadows and reflections in water etc. that can create false alarms. An alternative can be to choose external dual tech sensors or intelligent camera filters that have an even more sophisticated analysis of the image where you, for example, select alarms on a person or vehicle that passes a virtual line or area.

Varifocal lens is a good alternative for both indoor and outdoor installation when you do not really know the installation height and/or how far it is to the monitoring area. Find out the pixel per meter (PPM) that indicates how many pixels you have left at the desired monitoring area. What is the customer’s goal with the camera: detect, recognize or identify? If you are going to look for example about 40-50 meters away, you need a more powerful telephoto lens (eg 50mm) if you are to get a more detailed picture at that distance.

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